Solomon Steinberg aka Solomon Neumann

wiry,smartly dressed, urbane


Occupation: Private Detection and Personal Protection (with some highly dubious connections)

STR: 11 DEX 14 INT 11 CON 9 APP 13 POW 12 SIZ 10 EDU 13 SAN 55
IDEA 55 LUCK 55 KNOW 65 Hit Points: 10

Skills with points invested/gained, all others are at basic levels:
Accounting : 15
Climb: 41
Credit Rating: 40
Dodge 29
Drive Auto: 50
Elec repair: 15
Fast Talk: 48
First Aid 33
Hide 40
History 21
Law 20
Library Use 33
Listen 31
Occult 26
Foreign Language – Russian 10
Foreign Language – Yiddish 10
Persuade 16
Psychology 6
Sneak 45
Spot Hidden 43
Throw 29

Handgun: 74
Rifle 27
Shotgun 51
SMG 50
Fist 51
Kick 30
Garotte 25
Knife 35


Solomon is from a traditional Jewish background and was supposed to become a lawyer or accountant…….but didnt getting involved with organised crime as an enforcer.

Dapper and charming he favours well cut capacious suits and an unusual taste in ties, though this seems to have been reined in recently. Solomon disdains physical combat being of wiry build preferring to rely on his fearsome and well developed skill with firearms.

At his coolest when the lead is flying, Solomon is far from being an all weapons blazing psychopath, being educated, urbane and on occasions witty.

Being a man of few words he only speaks when he has something to say in a quiet gravelly tone usually around a Sobranie Black Russian cigarette

After the events at the Majestic Hotel where he met Chester Allen, Julia Somersby and Alessandro Mancini he is in a new business as a private detective, complete with office, car and a new surname.

Where the money came for this and who his backers are is a mystery

Solomon Steinberg aka Solomon Neumann

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