Chester Allen

Tweedy academic with a taste for strange antiques


DEX 13
INT 17
CON 13
APP 14
POW 17
SIZ 15
SAN 83
EDU 13
Idea 85
Luck 85
Know 65

Hit points 14

Skills (those not noted here are at base percentages)

Accounting 20%
Anthropology 70%
Archaeology 10%
Biology 10%
Chemistry 15%
Credit Rating 30%
Drive Auto 45%
First Aid 35%
History 40%
Law 20%
Library Use 45%
Listen 30%
Locksmith 4%
Medicine 10%
Natural History 22%
Occult 27%
Latin 25%
Ancient Greek 20%
Persaude 16%
Pharmacy 16%
Psychology 34%
Ride 20%
Spot Hidden 35%
Track 26%
Handgun 30%
Rifle 30%

Chester has a .32 revolver with six shells, and he has a spare set of six shells, on the grounds that anything that can’t be stopped by 12 shots won’t worry about six more.


Chester Allen is a professor of anthropology at the University of New York. He is thirty-eight years old, a bespectacled academic in tweeds with a bow tie and a rather precise manner. He occasionally buys antiquities for the University from a man called Dennis O’Mahony, an Irish dealer who prefers to remain ambiguous.

Chester likes to start the day with plenty of fibre in his breakfast and washes it down with tea.

He has met Julia Somersby,Allessandro Mancini and Content Not Found: solomon-strings-steinberg at the Majestic Hotel in Vermont.

A few years ago (1916), one of his students Thomasina Jerrold disappeared while engaged on anthropological research in New York. Chester and Thomasina’s beau, Kenton Bingham, investigated and traced her to a sinister slum near the waterfront but were confronted by a nameless fear which caused them both to flee. They went to the police and the slum was later raided and several people arrested but there was no sign of Thomasina. Her whereabouts remain a mystery.

During the gunfight for the Majestic lobby, Chester was hit by shotgun fire and injured. He was later beaten and cut by cultists who were after the Black Book, which he happened to have on him at the time.

Returning to New York to recouperate, he has passed off his injuries as the result of a skiing accident. The antiquities that he purchased from O’Mahony eventually found their way to the University’s Anthropological Museum.

In February 1920, he attended a poetry reading and was reunited with Julia Somersby, Alessandro Mancini and Solomon Steinberg, who was now going by the name of Neumann. The four of them volunteered to assist Sarah Keeting, whose brother had gone missing after an ill-advised dalliance with a woman named Jodie Claiborne. After following several lines of enquiry, they tracked her down to a very small town in Pennsylvania where she was hiding with Mr Keeting. The group stormed the farmhouse and managed, after some nerve-wracking moments, to capture Claiborne and free Keeting. Chester’s insight and ideas managed to salvage what might have been a very dangerous situation and bring the party out smelling (more or less) of roses. After the incident, they were obliged to return a mysterious gem to a Mr Crater, a shady character who resides in New York.

Chester Allen

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