Allessandro Mancini

A passionate bare-knuckle boxer who spends his days serving espresso in coffee bars and writing poetry.


Investigator Name: Allessandro Mancini
Occupation: Bare Knuckle Boxer/ Poet / Barristo
Birthplace: New York City
Sex: Male
Age: 29
Birthday: January 9

Str: 16
Dex: 11
Int: 10
Con: 14
Siz: 14
Pow: 9
Edu: 10

Idea: 50
Luck: 45
Know: 50
San: 45

Magic Pts: 9

Hit Points: 14

Damage Bonus: +1d4

Listed below are all the skills that Allessandro has invested points in. Everything else is currently at the default skill on the CoC character sheet.


Fist – 75% – 1d3+1d4 – hnd 1, rng touch, 1 att
Smith and Wesson 357 – 47% – 1d10 – hnd 1, rng 15yards, #att 2, shots (6), hp 6


Art – poetry – 42%
Dodge – 68%
Fast Talk – 25%
First Aid – 40%
Jump – 30%
Italian – 30%
English – 75%
Swim – 35%
Handguns – 47%
Persuade – 45%
Fist – 75%
Spot Hidden – 33%

Allesandro has the following adventuring gear:

357 magnum (kept at home with 18 rounds)
9 mm Pistol (4 clips) – carries the weapon with all the clips on any “adventure”
Flashlight and 3 batteries
No mythos tomes read, no magical artifacts or spells.

His income at the coffee shop is around 22 dollars a week and he uses this to pay the rent at his tiny apartment just outside the tenements and also for his living expenses. His underground fights have netted him just around $500 dollars (after purchasing his pistol) which he is planning to use to finance his move to another city and hold him out while he finds a new job.


Background: Allessandro was born of two Italian immigrants (Martino and Isabella Mancini) who came to America looking for a bright future in the newly rising nation. He grew up in the streets of new york while his father sliced up fillets of cod and tuna for the fishmongers on the waterfront. In his teens and early twenties Allessandro worked many different jobs serving as a driver, a bellboy, a clerk, and as a barristo in the trendy Italian coffee shops in the city. He grew to enjoy culture and poetry while serving coffee to writers, journalists, and intellectuals from the colleges. He even took a few classes at the City College of New York but dropped out several times either due to non-payment or issues with concentration on the coursework due to exhaustion caused by working overtime to pay for the classes.

In his early 20’s he enrolled in a boxing school and began formal training in fisticuffs. After only a couple of fights (that Allessandro easily won) he had some issues with some mafioso who wanted him to throw a fight. After he wouldn’t play along, they forced him out of mainstream boxing through intimidation and violence. Recently, Allessandro has been fighting in a couple of underground bare knuckle fights to pad his income a bit. His current day job is as a barristo although most of the time he is found carousing with ladies and finding out where the best parties are in Manhattan. He associates with the rich and they enjoy him as a curiosity – being a brawny dark skinned Italian man with a thick accent, known for his skill with his fists, and for his poetry (which they pretend to like, and mock him behind his back.

Allessandro is a broad shouldered man, well muscled and yet wiry from his constant training. He wears his black hair combed back and tries to sport the latest fashions, although most of the time he is wearing several months dated fashions procured from consignment shops. He is very passionate and can be stubborn at times. His parents are both now deceased but he still attends mass each weekend in honor of his mother. Lately, he has been having dark dreams (probably inspired by psychic ripples of an elder being) that he has attributed to concern about the mafia deciding to stop him from re-entering boxing through the underground fights. To allay his fears he has taken up the pistol and has been practicing his shooting at a local firing club. He wears his pistol whenever he his about town, since he is worried all the time about some men stepping out of the shadows with baseball bats – to teach him a final lesson. He has been trying to find a way out of the city for a while – discussing employment opportunities with the elite at the parties he frequents. He has also been submitting his poetry to a number of journals and he visits the libraries frequently to keep abreast of literary trends. His poetry has made some lesser periodicals but has offered him little to no income so he relies on the boxing and coffee shop for his living.

Allessandro Mancini

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