Julia Somersby

A boozy floosy who got turfed out by her rich parents when she decided to take up flying for a living.


Age 23
Gender F
Occupation Pilot (Barnstormer)
DEX 14
SIZ 14
INT 12
POW 13
APP 11
EDU 13
Idea 60%
Knowledge 65%
Luck 65%
Damage Bonus +0
Magic Points 13
Hit Points 11
Sanity 65%

Astronomy 21%
Electrical Repair 30%
Navigate 50%
Operate Heavy Machinery 36%
Other Language – French 71%
Physics 31%
Pilot 89%
Spot Hidden 30%
Handgun 42%
Kick 65%

Yearly income $6000
Savings $2400
Personal Property $10,000


The Somersbys are a high society force to be reckoned with, owning hotels, boutiques and restaurants all over the state. Earl Somersby the patriarch indulged his second daughter Julia’s latest whim to learn to fly and paid for an entire course of lessons, sending her the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale in France with the hope that the experience would draw her to another, more appropriate hobby for a young woman.

She surprised them all when she stuck at flying school and even went on (after telegramming Daddy for more francs) to take advanced lessons, qualifying at their highest level and with many hours of experience in different plane models under her belt.

Julia returned home, unrecognisable. Fluent in French, focused and eager to set up her own flying school back home. Earl gave in to her request for a plane of her own. When he refused to invest in her project she began performing daredevil stunts at county and state fairs to raise funds, as well as rebel against her frightfully old-fashioned old man.

Horrified by the negative publicity her adventures would bring to the family he ostracised her, refusing to support her financially any more. She continued to perform to support herself but soon succumbed to the family curse of drink and gambling. When she had to sell her plane she realised things had got really bad, her dream of setting up a flying school vanished.

She is struggling to regain her former focus and get off the drink, although she lapses from time to time. She still performs at fairs when she can get up on time, although a lot of her money goes to her creditors.

Julia Somersby

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