Tommy Milner

In charge of the entertainment at the Majestic Hotel


Tommy is a contemporary of Julia Somersby and has recently become the Entertainment Manager at the Majestic Hotel.

He was ‘wild’ about a girl named Florence Sloan but it ended unhappily and he threw her over for a French woman who now lives with an artist in Quebec. He is also well-known to Theodora St John Osgood.

He uses his social connections to secure headline acts for the hotel and has recently booked Grace La Rue for an appearance.

Following the disappearance of Dixon, Tommy reluctantly accepted the mantle of acting Manager along with Brightman the restaurant manager. This was to prove a bad move as when the Albert family lawyer arrived, Tommy was served with an order to close the hotel and a writ for damages totalling one million dollars.

After volunteering to stay on at the hotel while the first wave of guests and staff were evacuated, Tommy managed to get out and back to Brattleboro. Totally spooked by what he saw at the hotel, he has now relocated to California where he hopes to make a name for himself in the movies.

Tommy Milner

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