Mrs Garon

An elderly, rather pompous widow. Active but judgemental charity worker from Trois Rivieres in Quebec.


She wears clothes that might have been in fashion in the 1870s. She takes out a lorgnette if she has to look at anything further than about six inches from her face. Around her neck are two things of interest – a pendant in the shape of some sort of sea creature and a jet medallion which appears to have some kind of Greek deity on it.

She finds that she quite likes the winter weather, being a tough old bird but her husband never did like snow. Her jewellery came from her husband who had visited the very north west coast of Nova Scotia many years ago. Her husband was a captain in the Canadian Merchant Navy (Pierre Garon 1845-1908) whose last command, the Boreale was lost in 1905 somewhere in the North-West passage. Garon and six of his crew managed to make it back to civilisation but he would never speak of what happened on the voyage.

Mrs Garon

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