Decade of Darkness

Wednesday 4th February 1920

Our heroes are reunited fully restored to good health at a poetry reading at the Algonquin Hotel, ostensibly hosted by Alessandros new patron Paul Keeting who has given Al a break in the world of the Arts.
Julia and Chester are invited along by Alessandro for “moral support”
The gang make the acquaintance of Sara Keeting, Pauls sister, an exiled Russian prince in whom Chester shows an interest and Madeleine a female poet.

Alessandro pulls off a spectacular poetry reading and is the toast of the soiree.

Afterwards they bump into Solomon who it seems is engaged as Sarah Keetings bodyguard – they then learn from her that her brother is missing.

The gang split up – Alessandro gallantly walks Madeleine back to her apartment. Solomon, Chester and Julia retire for a late supper at Arturos to catch up and speculate over the disappearance.

They have a couple of appointments arranged for the following day and arrange to meet at Solomons office the following morning.



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