Decade of Darkness

Tuesday 13th January 1920 and afterwards

The next day, Solomon, Julia and Alessandro visit the hospital to see how Chester and Alice are getting on. They appear to have had a restful night, which is something – the first one since Saturday evening.

The doctors say that they will be able to go home in a couple of weeks but that it will take considerably longer than that to fully recover. Chester puts a brave face on it and says that his University duties will not be too strenuous. He believes it best to put it around that he has had a skiing accident. The less said about the goings-on at the hotel, the better, as far as he is concerned.

Alice is quite chipper, all things considered. She has reconciled herself to the fact that Dwight is probably dead. This means that she is now the heir to the Albert family fortune. She issues an open invite to the party to visit when they are in town; they will all be welcome.

And with that, it looks like time to wander down to the station and catch the next train back to NYC.

In closing:

Tommy Milner hands in his notice to whoever employed him (the hotel’s owners are based somewhere in NYC) and gets on a train for California where he’s heard there are opportunities in the movie industry.

No-one recalls seeing Quigley getting into any of the cars or trucks that drove up to the hotel that night from Marlboro. The remaning staff and guests were not too keen on searching the place for him.

The papers announce the death of Dwight Albert in a ’tragic skiing accident in the Green Mountans, Vermont. It is believed that Mr Albert, a veteran of the Great War, was attempting a particularly challenging run when an avalanche occurred which swept him away. The search is still going on for his body."

On Highway 9, near Marlboro, state officials are seen erecting signs on a turn-off heading up into the hills. The signs read “DANGER – avalanches are common in this area. For your own safety, do not use this track. No access to unauthorised persons”

The Sheriff, when his leg recovers, contacts the Governor and after a long meeting with him, the track is permanently blocked with concrete and rubble. A new sign is put up that reads “HOTEL CLOSED. NO ADMITTANCE. KEEP OUT

The Marlboro incident is blamed on vagrants who had suffered frostbite from exposue to sub-zero temperatures.



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