Decade of Darkness

Tuesday 10th February - Endgame

After their uncomfortable night the gang quit the Hotel and begin the drive home, feeling satisfied they have a result in that they have rescued Keeting from whatever fate awaited him at Claibornes hands.

Keeting is unclear on his part in the last two weeks while he was away from New York but seems to be glad of the new clothes and hot meal provided by the companions.

The journey back to the Big Apple passes uneventfully until finally a mere 30 minutes from home, the heroes are held up by a car load of henchmen identified as being associates of Ezekiel Crater.

A standoff occurs as the gangsters make them a reasonable offer to buy the necklace off them. Rightly Chester opines they must have been tracked by Dark Arts and concludes that was the purpose of the Bone Totems around the farm, not to keep the investigators out as first thought.

Covered by Solomon who is always ready to swap lead Chester exchanges the necklace with Craters henchman and the mobsters drive off leaving the bemused and relieved gang with a bag of cash.

Following the car and unidentifiable from where they are is a winged shape………

Keeting id reunited with his sister and the gang go their separate ways to carry on with their daily routines – for now……..



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