Decade of Darkness

Thursday 5th February 1920

The heroes meet up at Solomons office and he drives them to Sarah Keetings townhouse on Gramercy Park.

It is revealed her brother has gone missing – but she isnt too sure how long ago as they moved in different society circles.

She gives the impression she doesnt approve of her brothers activities or circle of acquaintances – but family is family.

The foursome go off to pursue their own avenues of investigation after having retired for lunch at Petes Tavern near Gramercy Park

Chester checks out the library and discovers an illuminating newspaper cutting in the archives, showing several characters they had previously met were involved in a Police raid . Julia checks with her society contacts and ALessandro gives Madeleine a call – who offers to tell him what she knows over lunch.

The gang meet for another supper at Arturos to discuss their findings and plot their strategy for the following day



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