Decade of Darkness

Saturday 7th February 1920

Julia, Alessandro and Solomon go home after their encounter with “the Law” for some much needed sleep………

Meanwhile Chester has arranged a meeting with Alice Albert at her family residence that afternoon and has been trying to contact the other heroes.

Their rest after their late night exertions is interrupted as messages are delivered to meet Chester for lunch at Petes Tavern.

Bleary eyed they turn up to be told by Chester about meeting Alice for tea that afternoon. With a sense of relief and a soupcon of grumpiness about lost sleep they go along and renew their acquaintance with Alice.

Chester asks would her parents be interested in a fundraiser to assist the Imperial Russian cause which she promises to at least ask her parents as they control the purse strings……
As part of the catching up after the Majestic Affair Alice discovers the heroes are involved in more unusual goings-on and lends assistance in the form of her deceased brothers luxury car, which Solomon takes charge of.
Chester, Julia and Alessandro then travel to Brooklyn to make enquiries at the local precinct about the raid they read about of Det Sgt Devlin – who is not on duty, probably at a baseball game.
A short and vigourous stroll takes them to Ezekial Craters mansion on Park Slope, the scene of the raid. There is no outward sign of life after checking the back of a neighbours residence on the pretext of the loss of “Fatty” the dog.
They leave as there is no means of access to rear of the property without causing damage or drawing attention to themselves.

Alessandro goes home to get ready for the following day’s trip to Pennsylvania where the gang have discovered Keetings girlfriend hails from originally.

Chester and Julia resolve to go to the High Note – Craters Jazz Joint – but it is a little early in the evening to be able to do anything without drawing the attention of potentially hostile employees of Craters.
They decide discretion is the better part of valour and go home to sleep and prepare for the trip the following day.



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