Decade of Darkness

Monday 9th February - part 2

Having had lunch and bought necessary supplies the Gang set off back to Penns Creek having decided on a dusk raid on the claiborne farmhouse, the location of which Chester and Solomon obtained from the Reverend Davies……..

On their way to park up, they spot a strange mannequin suspended within the hedge bordering the property, which they scrutinise with Solomons field glasses. All is still, the drapes are drawn, but there are a couple of vehicles in back………and two entrances.

The heroes decide to split up – Solomon and Chester to try and affect enter via the rear door with the assistance of a pint of acid and Alessandro and Julia take a closer look at the mannequin, taking a can of petrol along as a precaution…….

As dusk descends, the Professor and Solomon gain the rear door and proceed with their plan to melt the lock……..

Meanwhile Al and Julia decide the mannequin is unpleasant and it should be burned! Al splashes gasoline around the area to great effect and the hedge goes up in a blistering conflagration.
The mannequin starts an unearthly screaming noise, but doesnt seem to be attacking them. It is at this point they decide to make a run for it and try to break down the front door of the property, whilst running across the open gap between the gate and the front of the house they come under fire from a sniper upstairs.

Their combined efforts shatter the front door nearly taking it off its hinges and they end up sprawled in an ungainly heap under the gun of Solomon – who has made it to the dining room and also the sniper who has taken a pot shot at them as they crash through the door.

More unnervingly there is a corpse of a middle aged woman in the sitting room which Al and Julis can see from where they are.

Julis snd Alessandro dust themselves off and join their compatriots…… discuss their next steps…..

Their quarry – Miss Claiborne and Paul Keeting – who is under the influence of some sort of mind control ready their escape……..

Having decided to go up the stairs carefully, the Investigators careful ascent is halted by the revving of a car and their quarry speeds off towards the gate of the property which Al and Julia left open…….

The convertible driven by Claiborne is involved in an accident with the Deputys vehicle, leading to demise of the Deputy – who had been nagged by his daughter to drop into the house on their way back from work – and Claibornes car – both of whom are unconscious.

Chester and Julia search the bodies and stabilise the three living occupants……discovering while they do so that Miss Claiborne has a necklace which fairly makes the air crackle (with POW)

Rather curiously Solomon and Alessandro decide not to investigate the upper storey of the farmhouse, instead retreating to get the car and make their escape.
Chester and Julia carry Keeting to the car where they make a sharp exit, as the authorities finish putting out the fire and the State Police arrive…….

Taking Keeting back to their Hotel – they are told he will live…….

Paranoia over the eldritch necklace – which Chester has tried to destroy – and cant – leads them all to spend the night in Chesters hotel room, observing propriety of course.

Nothing happens …….but they spend an uncomfortable night!



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