Decade of Darkness

Monday 9th February 1920 part 1

After a hearty (last?) breakfast the heroes set off for Penns Creek, a small one street subsistence level farming community where they discovered Keetings current girlfriend Josephine Claiborne grew up.

On arrival Julia recognises the place from a strange dream she had where the missing socialite communicated with her.

Their first port of call is the Church – which is locked – it being 10.00 on a Monday morning

They set about making enquiries locally. Their first stop at the general store meets with outright hostility from the storekeeper who perceives them as “stuck up townies”
Slightly demoralised they have a consustation on the boardwalk and agree to split their efforts.

A slightly more approachable resident points Julia and Alessandro in the direction of the Reverend Davies’s residence and they pay him a housecall. Unfortunately they are unable to come up with a reason for being there apart from a shotgun wedding and start behsving suspiciously in his study, having interrupted his work on the following Sundays sermon.
Eventually the Reverends patience frays and he asks them to leave before he calls the Sherriffs Office – indeed his housekeeper has already done so.

Meanwhile Solomon and Chester enquire at the Sherriffs office and make the acquaintance of the attractive but waspish Lauratta Franklyn the Sherriffs daughter who does the office work/admin but despite being a country girl is nobodys fool.

She kindly gives them a map of the local area and points out where Josephine Claibornes mother lives. Then the phone rings – it is the Reverends housekeeper reporting a couple of suspicious strangers. This is deflected by Miss Frankln and Chester and Solomon go to find Julia and Alessandro.

Luck conspires against them and they miss each other. Julia and Alessandro go to the Sherriffs Office and are told to curtly leave while they can.

Chester and Solomon try to mend fences with the Reverend and succeed in getting more information about Miss Claiborne by making out Julia and Alessandro are theives and con artists and possible associates of hers.

The foursome are reunited by the car, the keys for which are with Solomon. By now Julia and Alessndro are soaked from waiting around for their friends and Chester moots a return to the Hotel, to eat, change and buy supplies.



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