Decade of Darkness

Friday 6th February 1920

Julia and Solomon go about their own business, Chester drops by the University to catch up and Alessandro has an enjoyable lunch date with Madeleine the poet……who reveals a nugget of information about gaining access to Keetings apartment.
It would seem she and Keeting were involved previously and he kept the spare key under a potted plant on the landing.

In the afternoon, Chester Solomon and Julia go to a meeting Chester arranged with the Imperial Russian exiles. They decline a mutual aid agreement when strange distressed noises are heard coming from a room adjoining with Princes suite.
They also decide discretion is the better part of valour – perhaps wisely under the circumstances and head off to meet for what is becoming a nightly supper.

Supper is subdued apart from Alessandros nugget of information which Julia Solomon and Alessandro decide to act upon and gain access to Keetings apartment.

Chester calls Alice Albert and arranges a tea-time visit the following day……..

At the apartment they discover some unusual art and a forgotten Bible belonging to Josephine Claiborne – Keetings current girlfriend…………..

Their activities attract the attention of a nosy neighbour who brings a couple of beat cops.
After some persuasion that they arent there illegally the trio are let go to make their way home with the promise the beat cop will be checking their story out.

Exhausted the three of them go home in the wee small hours to sleep.



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